Our home is considered as the foundation of our future goals, it is a treasure of our fondest memories. It is the ultimate place of inner peace and togetherness and in many ways an integral part of everyone’s individuality. Every brick, every corner should be aligned perfectly to bring out the desired results. However, as the saying goes, a lot is left to luck. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, things do in a different direction. This is when ancient remedies come into the picture. According to ancient Hindu mythology, Vaastu shastra is the science of architecture that helps the practical features of the house construction to the metaphysical aspects. To secure our houses and our futures, if it means going an extra mile to check with the Vaastu of the house is ideal or not, there shouldn’t be any harm in it.

What is Vaastu? Why it is followed in houses?

Vaastu Shastra or the Hindu cosmic science of house construction may be traced back to the ancient times of ArthVeda which symbolizes knowledge of the construction of houses, buildings, cities, temples etc. It includes principles of design that infuse the elements of architecture with the natural elements of space in order to form an ideal blend. Those who believe in Hindu mythology also believes in a line that states every event in our line is meant to happen or pre-planned and is the combination of the five elements of the universe i.e fire, earth, water, air and the sky. When it comes to home construction, every corner needs proper alignment of all the elements to ensure the well-being of the house as well as of its residents. Vaastu Shastra offers such principles and layouts that can help the owners achieve the desired alignment. Resilience provides Vaastu based Villa Constructions in Lucknow.

However, there have been a lot of different perceptions of people towards Vaastu Shastra. While some believe that Vaastu is a belief in ancient scientific knowledge, others have considered it archaic and superstitious.

One often questions the importance of Vastu shastra? Whether they actually bring prosperity and protection to the lives of the residents or not. Every corner of a house is said to be dominated by every five elements of the universe. Vedic literature backs that the right alignment of these elements is necessary for the smooth flow of peace and prosperity in the house. Vastu principles include guidelines about facilitating the right balance between all the elements by adapting the designs and layouts to these principles. Blending all your house aesthetics with Vaastu elements makes your home Vastu insured. Of course, remember, only authentic and trusted Vastu principles must be followed to reap the benefits and at no point should the practical needs and expectations from your house be compromised just to accommodate the Vastu guidelines.

House Design According to Vaastu Shastra

Vastu has underlayed guidelines for every type of construction, there are specific rules that must be kept in mind while including Vastu principles in their home constructions.