Picking an ideal Time/Season for Construction Is quite important.

One thing that always stays constant regardless of the religion you follow is the people’s wait for an auspicious and perfect time (Shubha Muhurata) to start something, mostly started by the conducting a pooja or say worshipping of gods by Prayer Ceremonies (Pooja) asking them to bless the task at hand.

This is also where, in the exact same category, falls Hinduism. Without the bhumi pujan ceremony not even a single stone is set at the construction site.

The Muhurat for these ceremonies are always done in a specific time frame. Mostly a Pandit is consulted in order to get a precise date and time that is ideal for you, there are websites that provide chart out dates for a ceremonies for the entire year.

Best Months For Constructions As Per Hindu Calendar

According to the Hindu calendar, 4 months (Mass) of the year are the best to start any construction process, however, within 4, 3 of them should be avoided at all times. Each of the 4 months is said to bring prosperity, happiness and luck to the people. The months in the Hindu Calendar fall in between two adjacent months of the Western calendar.

Favourable MonthsMonths to Reconsider
Phalgun Mass (March-April)Bhadrapad Mass (August-September)
Vaishakh Mass (April-May)Ashwin (September-October)
Kartik Mass (October-November)Poush (December-January)
Magh Mass (January-February)

Why Bhoomi Pooja?

The pooja that is done before any kind of construction on the desired workplace, land, agricultural or construction-wise is called Bhoomi Pooja. Considered as an important ceremony, it is strongly believed in the Hindu culture that digging out pieces of land or any type of construction basically means destroying homes of  the insects and other creatures in the mud or say land. So, to free yourself  from the curses and negativities, The Bhumi Pujan is held significantly. This puja also acts as a form of gratitude to the land too. 

Time in The Backend

One of the vital factors to think about after finalizing the project is choosing the date when the construction for the project should begin. Based on this decision, the time frame for the whole project is analyzed, which includes all the number of back end processes involving planning, contractor booking and so on.

These backend processes are mostly not weather dependent but they can take a reasonable amount of time.

On average, it takes about a month or more to finalize the overall design along with the other details of the construction cost. Adding another month or two are put up with the government body approval for plan finalisation. Then an estimated overall construction cost is finalized. Furthermore, it takes about more time to search for suitable contractors for your project and finalise the pricing structure quote.

One of the major factors that plays a major role in the decision of the timeline is the suitable  climate and the annual seasonal temperature fluctuations of the construction site.

Although construction can go on regardless of any season. But above all certain safety measures must be taken with respect to the workers and materials on site.