It’s time to say goodbye to regular white-washed rooms and random cabinets, with the latest design of interior decoration and design that are dominating the pages of vogue. Lately wants a decor that looks straight out of the movie scene. If you are worried about your interior decor budget, then you need to stop right now and do some basic calculations instead. Interior designers only concern themselves when it comes to the design of the house. But there are few who take their work seriously and give you some of the best furniture within that budget and supervising the decor as well. If you are looking for a designer that can take care of everything. Supervise the procurement of the decor as well as furniture, monitoring the carpentry work for the different rooms, installation of wardrobes to providing for the flooring, false ceiling, painting and all. It is suggested that lookout for the services of that interior designer who looks into every aspect of the design and decoration of your house. The charges will automatically and here is how we gonna break it down. Keep scrolling- 


It is not always true that the interior designers charge you a large amount of money but estimate the costs by considering the following factors:-

Square feet (sqft) of the rooms: The interior decorator charges around Rs 50 to Rs 300 for every sqft be it of the rooms or of the house. However, if the carpentry work and products are included like soft furnishings, wardrobes and modular kitchen, ceiling, and flooring, then the price can lie around 350 to 1500 per sqft.

Percentage of the entire cost: The designer makes an estimation of the whole project with all the services and products to procure the total cost. They charge about 20-35% of the total cost as a design fee.

Markup or premium on the products: The interior designer charges every product with a premium amount that can vary from one project to another.

A lump sum amount: This amount is the interior designer’s discretion. It can also be called a designer’s fee.

On top of all this, a few additional charges are also included.

Charge for site visit: The first three or four site visits might be included in the total charge, but above that, it may cost around 1500 rupees approx for each visit.

Charge for an iteration: If you don’t like the design and ask third or fourth iteration or multiple changes then, every replacement will be chargeable.

Cost for only design: If you are looking for some idea suggestion in regards to the designing but not any actual service, then the interior designer can charge around 3-5% of total cost for the placement for furniture or decor suggestions. For a 3D view of the final decor, you will have to spend 75k to 1 lakh or more.

Cost of site supervision: If you want every installation of furniture and every other task to be looked especially by the designer, then that will be chargeable too.