How long does it take to build a house of 30 by 40 feet plot size in India?
Many of you might have heard a famous quote that goes-, “home is where the heart is”. And, if we have it in our way, then we would have our heart resides in the middle of beauty and comfort. Of course, home is not just all about regular furniture, cement and bricks, but a place made with of our fondest memories. Additionally it’s a reflection of our family roots as well as the glue that tied us with our loved ones.

Building our own house can be a struggle and also a long awaited dream at the same time. One doesn’t really leave any stone unturned when it comes to building their dream house. Construction the whole house from the scratch involves a lot of elements such as- customising the design, culling out the materials for each wall, every inch on the floor and then decorating it with your favourable furniture and artifacts. Building a home is quite a critical process, demanding our utmost attention at every step of the construction. It can be both a painstaking and rewarding process at once. No wonder why people weigh out every little aspect before embarking on the decision to build a home.

Factors that needs to be considered while constructing the house in India

As you start building up our house from scratch, the first and the vital tasks will be bringing all the materials together, managing the workers efficiently, managing the paperwork that can delay the entire process. However, there are also other factors that determine the entire duration of the construction of the house and if we take these factors into consideration before starting the process, then not only does the process of building a house will incur less tax and also it can likely to be able to have our houses completed in a faster and cost-efficient manner.

1-Location must be the first thing that you should consider while buying the land. The choice of location is most of the time based on factors such as plot prices, proximity to our places of work as well as access to other vital amenities. The location also influences the frequency of the construction. Easy availability of materials and easy access to the construction location for workers can do wonders in the overall process.

2-The second factor that impacts the construction of the house is budget. Building a house involves huge expense but it is in fact one of the wisest investments to make. The Budget affects every aspect of the construction. In terms of the time utilised, your budget determines how many labourers you are able to employ, the kind of tools and materials which offer a good quality of construction without much of a delay, among others. The promptness of your due payments also pushes the construction process into full swing.

3-Closely related to the previous factor is the type of builder one employs to build their houses. Effectively, if a contractor is efficient and dedicated along with the workers, then the construction process is most likely to be finished sooner than expected. It always helps to review the past portfolio and reputation of a building contractor before deciding the final one.

4-Permits and paperwork plays a huge role in the construction of the house. Once you have finalised the plot, your budget, your builder and arrived at a consensus with the builder, the task that puts you is on hold for applying for the relevant permissions from the state authority. The floor plan should be sanctioned from the municipality like the LDA in Lucknow and necessary payments must be made. The entire approval and registration process may take two weeks to a month.

5-Finally, the type of interior design elements that you wish to include in your house will re-adjust the duration of the whole construction. While we all may have many customized ideas regarding the interior but if we want to speed up the process then it is best to not opt for intricate construction elements. Classy yet aesthetic designs and wall plans have better chances of speedier completion.

6-Dimensions of the house should also be considered because it also plays a huge part in the entire construction process. Understandably, the duration of the construction is directly proportional to the dimension of the house but even within the scope of the dimensions, there are certain nuances that will determine how long it will take to build your dream home.