architect in Lucknow

Architect Fees and Charges in Lucknow for House Designing

Everyone thinks of hiring an architect when they want to make their dream house. But at times for some, it may be very overwhelming to hire an architect because there are no fixed standards for the architect fees and charges.  In every part of the country, the

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Architecture Firms in Lucknow

Role of an Architect

Architecture is the skill and technique of designing and building as distinguished from the skills associated with construction. The practice of architecture is employed to fulfill both expressive and practical requirements, and thus it serves both aesthetics and utilitarian ends. The architects in Lucknow create the physical environment

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modular kitchen in Lucknow

Best Modular Kitchen designs to opt for in Lucknow

Modular Kitchens refers to the modern kitchen furniture that has been constructed in units or models. Units consist of cabinets with selected standard sizes.  Basically, the modular kitchen is designed to maximize utility and make efficient space for management for big and small areas. Units are made

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Architects in Lucknow

Why Should You Hire an Architect for Your Dream Home?

There are numerous choices in life to be made from purchasing the right pair of pants to having a hairstyle, in that large number of choices we generally search for proposals from our family or specialists. The same goes when we construct a house, a specialist of

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Home Construction in Lucknow

Best Construction Company in Lucknow

Construction companies execute the building and infrastructure work. Construction companies are all about building bridges, dams, etc. The best construction company creates plans, sets goals in order to achieve what it wants and to deliver the best services to the clients.  A construction company includes: Procuring contractors

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civil contractor

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Civil Contractor?

A civil contractor is a person who remains in charge of the routine supervision of the construction site or even when you are renovating your old house. The main idea is to make sure that your home turns out to be the best. Hiring a professional civil

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vaatu Shastra

Vaastu Guide | Tips For Your House

Our home is considered as the foundation of our future goals, it is a treasure of our fondest memories. It is the ultimate place of inner peace and togetherness and in many ways an integral part of everyone’s individuality. Every brick, every corner should be aligned perfectly

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Interior Design Costs For Indian Homes

It’s time to say goodbye to regular white-washed rooms and random cabinets, with the latest design of interior decoration and design that are dominating the pages of vogue. Lately wants a decor that looks straight out of the movie scene. If you are worried about your interior

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