Everyone thinks of hiring an architect when they want to make their dream house. But at times for some, it may be very overwhelming to hire an architect because there are no fixed standards for the architect fees and charges. 

In every part of the country, the charges would be different like an architect in Lucknow will charge you very differently from an architect in Mumbai or Banglore because they charge differently as per expertise, size of the project, level of involvement, and place also.

But before we get into the architects fees and charges in Lucknow, let’s first understand what they do and why it is necessary to hire an architect for your beautiful house.

An architect is a trained professional who designs buildings and houses. They also help redevelop and renovate an existing building. It is their knowledge and skill that they design space-optimized buildings which are functional, safer, aesthetically good looking, and efficient.

And this is the reason to hire some best architects in Lucknow to renovate or create your house from scratch.

Key architectural services include:

  • Structural and working designs for the house or building.
  • Building elevation designs to visualize the building.
  • Floor plan with furniture layout.
  • Drawings for floor planning.

Architect fees and charges

Now since you know what all an architect can do, so now lets understand the architect cost/fees in Lucknow.

Charges of an architect solely depend on their level of engagement in the project.

There might be some who may charge a flat fee to help design your house or building while others architects charge a percentage of the project cost as their service fees. Then there are some who charge based on the total plot area or build area or as per the number of services as in drawings and detailing you want them to provide.

Hence, there is no fixed rate or formulae to calculate the architect cost in Lucknow. Based on the level of engagement, size of the project, and expertise, the charges can vary.

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